Melbourne-born and raised, I loved, was fascinated by and surrounded myself with art from girlhood, whereby I was lucky enough to grow up in a family who supported the arts through commercial enterprise and as collectors. Attending artists’ exhibitions as a young person I was wide-eyed and in awe of their talent–I still am.I would look as closely as I could at the surface of each painting, trying to take in the individual details, then draw back to look at the whole. I’m still fascinated by the detail, by the lines, by the balance of shape and space, and in the effort of getting that right, so that a finished piece is both comforting and dramatic.

I like to explore connections and relationships within art, as I do in life, and seek to represent those relationships through my paintings. It is through the simplicity of clean lines, painting one side against another, that I seek to express the idea that we are all connected – all shapes and colours united in a single space. 

Whether vividly colourful or boldly monochromatic, the stark oppositions in my paintings are a vivid reminder of the connections, divisions and separations within and between us all. These differing pieces offer a statement about the dualities and complexities within the human spectrum. 

Human beings as with paintings carry this foot-print of the unique and wonderful.

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