About me

20 years working in the health

 industry has given me 

well-rounded experiences 

as a therapist 

and a genuine sense 

of care and understanding 

Hi. I'm Tara...

I began working in the public sector in 1997 and after a pause for travel and children, I started a private practice in Richmond in 2003. In 2009 I relocated across the Yarra to Malvern where I am currently practicing. I work part-time and always recommend a healthy balance in life and work.

I have worked with a broad range of people and issues and like to be able to work holistically. That means that I think about your situation specifically and what you need. The kinds of therapies we may utilize in your sessions will depend on your particular situation and needs. I operate from a ‘whole-of-life’ perspective, meaning that we can use information from your whole life to understand all of who you are: where you come from and who you are today. Accessing and exploring this information helps to build the kind of self-awareness and clarity which leads to positive long-term change.

I hope to help you develop an awareness and understanding of the core motivators of your beliefs, feelings and behaviours. Knowing what 'drives' you leads to you having a better, clearer understanding of what you care about and want in your life.

I'm extremely excited about the power of the brain and the inclusion of neuroscience into mainstream therapeutic interventions, and these are of particular use in my practice. Advances in neurological and mindfulness approaches to anxiety, stress and trauma recovery are integral for recovery. These are practical, commonsense approaches that you can learn, develop and use yourself. Working with your brain and body to manage and soothe your reactions creates long-term change because it creates new pathways in your brain (this is neuroplacticity). It's very empowering and I always feel sure that guiding you through these practices will help you feel clearer, relieved, hopeful and better.

Thanks and always take care of yourself. 


  Professional Registration, Memberships & Affiliations

   AHPRA -Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

   Member - Australian Psychological Society (M.A.P.S)

   Medicare Registered Service Provider

   Private Insurance Registered Service Provider

   Workcover, TAC, Comcare, VOCAT  registered Service Provider

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